L. Zongpo Studios, is the creative home of photographer and writer, GE McKerrihan. After spending nearly ten years living in Santa Fe, New Mexico, life took some significant and delightful turns.

In January of 2017 I flew to Honolulu to meet my partner, Narelle, who is from Brisbane, Australia. At the Spring Equinox we were married in Waimea Bay at sunrise, on Oahu. We have since continued to travel, make images, write words, and look closely at the natural world around us. We are now referring to ourselves as Nomadic Naturalists. Since the beginning of April we have been in the Southern Hemisphere, living a month or two at a time in Australia and New Zealand. You can find out more about our nomadic life by visiting our collaborative website . . .  Fig & Agave

I have been a dedicated Fine Art photographer for over 40 years. The first 30 years were spent with view cameras, sheet film, and long hours in the darkroom. All of this film experience continues to inform my daily practice of photography, most of which today is done with the camera in my iPhone. From the beginning, Portraiture and the Still Life have been the two dominant themes in my work. Though today, with my new nomadic lifestyle, the landscape has captured my imagination and vision like never before.

My images have been included in exhibitions and are part of private collections. I have built a number of websites for myself and others. My first limited edition book was included in PHOTOBOOK 2015, an exhibition of photographer's books at the Griffin Museum of Photography, in Boston. Bookbinding has long been a personal passion, and I have collaborated on several limited edition books.

For those of you wondering about the name of this website, L. Zongpo Studios, I'll let you in on a little know fact. While living in Eugene, Oregon in the late 70's and early 80's, I completed a BFA in Photography & Visual Design at the University of Oregon. I also took refuge with the Tibetan Buddhists and was given my Tibetan name, Lodro Zongpo. The meaning is personal and has come to represent a guiding force in my creative life. It seemed only natural to reference its significance, here at the heart of my creative life.

To wide open hearts . . . and wide open lenses.

September 2017 - Coolum Beach, Queensland