L. Zongpo Studios, is the creative home of Santa Fe based photographer and writer, GE McKerrihan. The high desert of New Mexico has been my home for the past nine plus years . . . and I continue to be enchanted by all that is, Santa Fe.

A move to Eugene, Oregon (from Arizona) at the age of 26 proved to be a turning point, in so many ways. Five years later I left with degree in photography and visual design, memories of a first divorce, and a new Tibetan name. It was Lodro Zongpo. The meaning is personal and has come to represent a guiding force in my creative life. It seemed only natural to reference its significance, here at the heart of my creative life.

The years between then and now, have been a creative journey, following the many twists and turns of my heart and soul. Photography has never been far away, through it all. Life now brings me back to my first love . . . that feeling I have for the image, I see in the viewfinder. For so many years it was sheet film and large format cameras, zone system exposure calculations, California School of Photography, and an f64 Group approach to image making. 

Today the big cameras are gone and my favorite camera is in my iPhone. A close second is my Fuji-X system that can accommodate so many signature lenses from the past. Keeping it simple is important these days. 

To wide open hearts . . . and wide open lenses.

June 2016