Beyond the Single Image - Developing a Photo Project

An online course that runs from October 9th - November 3rd. Registration is at the bottom of this page.


Why This Course
Have you ever wanted to move beyond the single image and begin to create photography projects to share with others? If so, then this course just might be for you. Over the course of four weeks, I will be sharing a number of ways to organize a collection of images. This collection truly becomes a body of work. Images from this body of work can be submitted to juried exhibitions. This body of work can become a gallery show. It can also be used to create a portfolio of matted prints, a simple website, and even a book. 

About This Course
We will cover the following topics in depth:

- What constitutes a photo project?
- Creating a portfolio. It's all about editing. What stays and what goes.
- Sequencing images to enhance the viewing experience.
- Color or black and white - all one, or a combination?
- Mirrors and Windows - Direct observation, or Introspective narrative?
- What is the 'real' subject of your portfolio?
- Is this portfolio. . . Fine Art, Story Telling, Documentary, or Journalism?
- Is there writing included? How much and what kind?
- Building a photography website.
- What is a Portfolio Review, and what are the benefits of attending.
- Juried Exhibitions and Gallery Shows.
- Creating a Book - Hand Book Binding, and Print on Demand Services.

Who Is This Course For
Have you begun to see your photography as a practice? Have you noticed a particular thread that ties certain images together? Have you considered choosing a topic to create a series of images? Have you wanted to put a group of images together to share with others? If any of these questions strike  a chord in you, you've come to the right place.

How It Works
Over four weeks you will receive three emails each week, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Each email will include a short video describing the day's topic. There will be detailed written information on the topic, as well as links to examples and references. I will also offer information from photo history and influential photographers to add perspective. 

We will have a private Facebook group page where everyone can share work as well as ask questions. Participation in the group is highly encouraged, as we can all learn from each other and offer ideas and support. The group is truly our community during the duration of the course and beyond.

You will also have the option of two private mentoring sessions with me, to further enhance your progress if you choose. See the ‘Course Options’ below for the details.

What You Can Expect
You will learn how to create a well crafted portfolio, and become familiar with a number of formats for sharing your work with a wider audience. You will also learn to edit and sequence a series of images to enhance the viewer’s experience. Seeing your images come together in a great looking  photo project, will increase your confidence and in turn, inspire your ongoing photography practice. 

Course Creator - About Glen
Glen has been a dedicated Fine Art photographer for over 40 years. The first 30 years were spent with view cameras, sheet film, and long hours in the darkroom. All of this film experience continues to inform his daily practice of photography, most of which today is done with the camera in his iPhone. From the beginning, Portraiture and the Still Life have been the two dominant themes in his work. 
His images have been included in exhibitions and are part of private collections. He has built a number of websites for himself and others. His first limited edition book was included in PHOTOBOOK 2015, an exhibition of photographer's books at the Griffin Museum of Photography, in Boston. Bookbinding has long been a personal passion, and he has collaborated on several limited edition books.

Course Options
This course is being offered in two formats. 
- You can sign up for the online course only. 
- You can also sign up for the course with two mentoring sessions included. 
- These two 45 minute sessions will take place via FaceTime or Skype. In the first we will look at your work and discuss       ideas about project plans. In the second session will we discuss your progress and ways you can achieve your project goals. Ideally your first session will take place during the first two weeks of the course. You can schedule your second session any time during the last half of the course, or in the two weeks following the course.

Sign Up Details
Beyond the Single Image . . . will begin on October 9th and run through November 3rd. 
Online Course only is - $125.
Online Course with 2 Mentoring Sessions is - $275.

Shortly after purchasing your preferred version of the course below, you will receive a confirmation email and you will be added to our private Facebook Group page.

Thank You for signing up for this exciting new course, I look forward to seeing you on October 9th. 
Until then, To wide open lenses, and wide open hearts.
Glen McKerrihan

Online Course Only - $125

Online Course with Mentoring - $275