Fig & Agave is my collaboration with the love of my life, Narelle. Fig & Agave is our website where we chronicle our travels around this amazing planet. Click the link above and share our latest adventures. We would love to add you to our community.        

Fig & Agave is the Love Story of Two Nomadic Naturalists

Naturalists are generalists, in love with, and intensely curious about, the natural world.
Ours is a story of shared awe, wonder and constant surprise, at what we find around us, at what we are immersed in, as we walk. Ours is also a love story; two souls, speaking the same visual and experiential language. As amateur, (meaning 'a lover of'), naturalists, we travel the tides of our beautiful planet, hearts and lenses wide open. What makes this journey complete is sharing our vision, our words, with Others - with you. This is community. Come walk a little with us; we're so grateful you're here.